Cement adhesive VHCT-SILVER type C2TE


  • For thin-layer (t. up to 10 mm) bonding of slabs of architectural concrete and natural stone on floor and wall surfaces indoors and outdoors in situations requiring bonding with increased flexibility and strength, as well as on objects like:

  • walls

  • floors

  • balconies, terraces, garages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Ready, dry, powder, packaged mixtures of binder (Portland cement), natural aggregates and improvement additives, forming construction adhesive mortars type C2TE after mixing with water.


  • Resistant to weather impacts (moisture and frost) and blistering;

  • With suitable flexibility, strength, adhesiveness and shrinkage;

  • Efficient and easy to apply, with a sufficiently long open time.



Bulk density: 1.4 g/cm3,
Temperature range of works: from +5ºC to +25ºC,
Initial tensile strength: 0.4;1.0 N/mm2,
Tensile strength after immersion in water: 0.2;0.5 N/mm2,
Tensile strength after thermal aging: 0.5 N/mm2,
Tensile strength after freeze-thaw cycles:
Workability time: 1.2 N/mm2
Open time: 110 min.*,
Adjustment time: 20 min.*,
Runoff (slippage): 15 min.*,
Transverse deformation: 1.0 mm,
Min. / max. thickness of mortar layer: 2.1 mm,
Seasoning time before grouting: 2 / 5 mm,
The content of chromium (VI) in the final weight: approx. 36 h,
0.0002 %
*) times dependent on humidity and temperature, and the type of substrate and tiles


From approx. 2.5 kg/m2 to approx. 5 kg/m2, depending on the type of slabs and the thickness of adhesive.

The final consumption of the material depends on the local conditions and it is recommended to determine them on the basis of tests performed on representative substrate.


Layered bags 25 kg.